How to open an online Bookmakers

Bookmaker from Developer Planet Game offers a profitable partnership for those who want to open the online gaming club, Internet cafe, reception place bets, lottery terminals. Various programs for bookmakers and lotteries are a critical and necessary conditions for the successful functioning of the bookmaker and gaming club.

Without their proper selection is impossible to imagine a competent management, control and convenience for customers. The more modern and high quality software is used, the greater the advantage is achieved in comparison with competitors. Profitability of bookmakers, according to their owners, reaches up to 8-10 %, but experts compare them with sufficient development of the insurance companies , the profitability of which reaches 20-40 % , so definitely the answer to the question " Is it possible to make money ? "- Of course "Yes".


What you get as a result of the development of bookmaker ?

  • Beautiful graphic design ( design changes are possible in consultation with the Customer ) + Dutch hosting with a high-speed server and traffic .

  • Domain of the site for a period of 1 year, which is chosen according to your wishes and is included in the cost of a site.

  • Connecting the payment systems

  • Opportunity site modernization and expansion of website functionality

  • The cost of an online bookmaker is calculated individually and depends on the readiness of the project, its functional design, the number of kinds of sports, 
integration of additional modules and languages etc.

The cost of such sites depends on the connection of live rates, the number of sports, the number of payment systems, connection the affiliate program , integration the casino platform , the lottery , the performance of more difficult and elite website design , integration of online chat 24/7 , the number of languages , improved design for the player admin panel etc.




Mounting of halls Turnkey

We offer:

  • We offer you the hardware and software equipment of bookmaker high-end turnkey.

  • About the equipment : support for a variety of betting options on sporting events and current events , as well as the gaming system CBCX Paradise Games (XRaces, Keno, PokerBet et al . ) . Our equipment is easy to use and it provides a lot of different options.

Our recommendations (from experience of work) on the organization of the workplace for operators following

  • Rack of 2 to 4 meters with two or more jobs (stand must be open, has a mild upholstery , covered with cloth, look at the photos )

  • High chair for 3-4 players , preferably with a back-and- rotary mechanism

  • 8-10 TVs with 42-inch diagonal, located on the wall behind the operator's back .

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