Gambling halls

You are going to open an Internet cafe, a game room or a computer club?

You do not know where to start, how to choose the computers, which the Internet you need, where to order the software? When you open a gambling hall, it requires a special approach, knowledge of the case and the stages of the project, good technical equipment. Requires a comprehensive high-quality software that allows you to give the player a choice in entertainment. Software for gaming halls from the company Planet Game includes games world providers, lotteries, roulette and many other leisure variations in online casinos. Also , in the software you can find several variants of bookmakers , where players can place bets on sports. If you think about the opening game room " turnkey " , the specialists of Planet Game will help you in all aspects of this project , its technical equipment and software , installation of equipment , selection of accessories for the hall , training of cashiers for work with the software.

The cost of opening the hall " turnkey " - calculated individually , depending on the room , the number of players and required volumes .

Monthly payment - 15 % of the profits in the form of purchases of loans.

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