If you want to go with the purchased software to the market in Europe, America and so on, want to distribute gaming applications at Play Market and the Apple Store, implement gaming network, you must purchase international gambling license. We can help you with licensing issues.

There are different types of licenses:

Maltese license sorry

Malta - the state, which clearly defines the organization of gambling, working on remotely. This license will allow you to carry out international gambling activities, post your game app in the App Store and to evolve a gambling business legally at the international arena. Registration of licenses and registration of the company in Malta takes up to six months.

There are 4 classes of licenses to online gambling:

  • Class 1 - game in the style of slot machines, casinos, lotteries, games such as "bingo"

  • Class 2 - sports betting

  • Class 3 - Promotion of gambling from Malta (connecting the peer's node, network for poker games, betting exchange, gambling portals)

  • Class 4 - provision of hosting and management tools on its platform

For licensing remote / online gaming in Malta, company applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • be registered in Malta in the legal form LLC (analogue Ltd.)

  • to have a paid-up share capital (minimum share capital of Malta LLC is € 1165. However, to obtain a license, for example, Class 1 (casino, lottery) the authorized capital shall be increased to € 100,000)

  • to have the technical and organizational means to perform operations associated with the remote gambling

  • to have financial and other economic resources or support.;

  • guarantee the payment of winnings and return of collateral.

Stages of Licensing online casinos in Malta

  • You have to provide to the Office for Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta the next things:

    • Application for a license for the organization of remote gambling;

    • class="justify">The financial viability of beneficial owners (beneficiaries) and Directors are audited;

    • Business plan for the time of three years old is checked.

  • Subject to the provision of all appropriate documentation, including personal, first stage takes 2-3 weeks. Successful passage of the first stage depends on the positive conclusion of the legal expertise and the adoption of the business plan by the Office of Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

  • Joined the company in Malta and the opening of bank accounts, including Merchant account.

    Submission to the Office of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of documents on organization and technical guidance to applicants, which shall contain details of the system architecture and application software, management processes, security, backup and disaster recovery. Subject to the provision of all appropriate documents, a completion deadline of the second phase is 5-6 weeks. Getting applicant after a positive passage of the second stage of the letter of commitment (in fact - a temporary license) for a period of 6 months with a possible extension for another three months.

    During the period of the temporary license applicant must begin the activity and obtain a certificate of compliance for the organization of remote gambling in accordance with ISO / IEC17799: 2000 standard. Temporary licensing

  • Auditing of company for compliance , which is carried out by the auditor appointed by the Office of the Lotteries and Gaming

    The duration of the third phase of the licensing procedure is six months, which is equal to the term of «temporary license «. Upon successful completion of the audit for compliance with the licensee issued a full license for remote gaming for a period of 5 years and subject to the conditions that the Office for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority deems it necessary to put forward.

License of Costa Ricasorry

Legislation Costa Rica allows the organization and implementation of gambling activities. At the same time, there is a special law that would regulate the licensing issues of organization and activities of online casinos. Companies involved in the gambling business, working on the basis of the so-called, "DATA PROCESSING LICENSE". The activities of online casinos at the state level does not controlled and not regulated due to lack of in the country specific legislation about online gambling.

Online casinos can safely carry out their activities within the jurisdiction of Costa Rica, to take bets from players all over the world, except for residents of Costa Rica. Restricting access to gambling entertainment Residents of Costa Rica is the only requirement for companies involved in gambling.

Basic requirements for the organization of online casinos in Costa Rica:

  • The presence of the company, which is registered in Costa Rica.

  • Availability of office and personnel in Costa Rica (permanent or temporary, depending on the type of license). LARGO

  • A power of attorney issued on the name of a specialist, a lawyer, which authorized to represent the interests for obtaining a license to gamble and gaming activities on the Internet (must be signed by the Consul of Costa Rica in the client's country).

License Curacaosorry

The licensing authority in Curaçao fits individually to each of the service providers who wish to obtain a license Curacao. This approach can provide , first of all providers with multi-user gaming network, with the placement of a large number of brands / shells , partners / customers with high demands in the field of international service and specialized technical equipment.

This is a significant advantage when choosing the jurisdiction.

ПAs part of the equipment of the licensing authority, by which there is technical support for your business is in the territory of Curaçao, the necessary requirement for the presence of the equipment in the country. In practical terms, this means that you do not need to take this extra effort. A license may be issued to a company that has a registered legal address and to profit exclusively abroad, in any jurisdiction, as long as your services / software meet the requirements of the licensing authority. Although the licensing authority does not matter the place of incorporation.

Companies of E-zone must pay a 2 % tax on corporate profits. The Company is required to file a tax and financial statements on an annual basis.

Documents required for registration of the company:

  • certified ( by a notary ) copy of the passport of the Beneficiary

  • the bill for utilities ( not older than two months ) - to confirm the address

  • a letter of recommendation from the bank

  • completed form of income source

  • applying for permission to engage in online gaming with Curacao

  • application

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